Apophysis 2.09

This program gives you an opportunity to make an impressive fractal flame art
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Apophysis is the fractal flame editing program with a graphical user interface to edit the fractal art easily. You can either directly edit the fractal flames or you can edit them through the mutation window and through the adjust window. You can also change the form and shape of a flame by using "scripts". When you start the tool, the main Apophysis window opens with a random batch of generated flame fractals. You can select any of them; the preview window will show the selection. The mutation option of the application will give nine options for the selected flame and you get more choice for the same flame and select your favorite out of it, and you can choose the dropdown menu for various effects on your choice of flame. You can edit your flame also by just clicking the editor window and doing whatever you want by selecting any of the triangles and rotate, flip etc., and get the flame shape of your choice. The script editing possibility is also there to give your flame that special look. The gradient button on the main window allows you to change the color, and the rotate button on the gradient window alone can provide thousands of variations for just one gradient. You can save your work and it can be viewed through various graphics programs like Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, or PhotoImpact.
This program gives you an opportunity to make an impressive fractal flame art without worrying about the complex mathematical formulas involved in its making.

R. Fernandez
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  • Easy editing options
  • The preview window allows to see the changes before saving
  • Plenty of options
  • Free


  • If you close the main window without saving the change, the work is lost. It will not remind you of saving your work
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